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- Saturday, May 16th, 2009 7:48 AM

It is yet another beautiful morning here in Chicago, but don't forget that the weather may change...any minute now. Heading to Iowa for a few days to enjoy the peace and fresh air!

Finally, the show titles have been announced for June. The following are:

- Battle of Boutiques @ Level Nightclub - An interactive competition of boutique collections and styles.
- Almost Naked at SPY Beach @ SpyBar Nightclub - A swim wear fashion show extravagant, as the venue is transformed into a nocturnal ocean side.
- Rockstars & Rebels @ Enclave Nightclub - A runway exhibition of couture inordinate fashions; the runway featuring a vibrant... show time.

The exact show dates and participating designers, lines, stores & boutiques will be announced within just a few days.

On more of a personal... or impersonal note. JM (Jim Mullin) & I decided to pursue different horizons for a few days and travel to Texas. Yes, that's right! From May 26th until a still-to-be-determined date, we will be visiting our friends and associates in the cowboy territory. If you would like to set up a meeting, photo shoot or simply join the entourage, let us know! I will be updating the blog with footage taken on our trip & the new plans and concepts that arise from this venture... Neal K Events nationwide!

For now, that's it. One!

- Neal K

- Monday, May 4th, 2009 6:00 AM

Chicago and all nationwide guests,

Neal K Events is up and running in full throttle now! We've had our fair share of success in shows at Soiree, SpyBar & BonV. The web site is our official portal for information, events, photos, apparel (coming soon), services, exclusive associates we work with and the constantly updated blog.

Here, you - the viewer, will be able to swiftly and informatively surf through the world of Neal K Events and find out more upcoming fashion shows & other exciting productions.

I'm very excited about the upcoming events. at Level, SpyBar & Enclave. These will feature unseen concepts and creative incorporation of fashion & entertainment, and, of course, a great party vibe for all audiences. Look forward to enlightening experiences, vibrant music and venues filled with many beautiful people!

Entry 1
Aside from business..I want to share with you quite an amusing brief story, which began after the BonV fashion show on April 24th. Here it is:

Apparently the public takes a strong liking in JM Couture & Minion Clothing designs, especially since quite a few pieces got stolen from the "behind the scenes area" at BonV. The suspects were never found, the security did not anticipate any investigation and the clothes simply went missing. Well, the losses were not too gigantic, yet JM & I took a closer look at the destination of the lost garments. JM's Facebook propaganda to find the clothing paid off as a couple (to add: attractive) females were found in the clubs wearing some of the taken clothing! Here is a photo of a young lady who was spotted wearing the JM Couture Red Rock Czar Dress taken at Mannequin; it's quite the treat!

This gave me a little chuckle, and JM was pleased to gather fruits of his personal search for the clothing! I'm guessing next time we won't be so quick on popping the champagne & hopping in a limo...

- Neal K
Welcome to the Revolution of Event and Fashion Show Productions, and remember... Fashion is a virtue yet to be discovered.
May 2009
- Almost Naked at SPY Beach @ SpyBar
- Rockstars & Rebels @ Enclave
- Battle of the Boutiques @ Level
Neal K Events works with an outstanding variety of associates. Check out our Exclusive Associates in the following industries: Marketing, Fashion, Beauty, Media, Printing, Photography & Nightlife.
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